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Nancy Hafez

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Journal Entry #1

"On the day they were going to kill him, his mother thought he'd got his days mixed up when she saw him dressed in white." Pg.8

Santiago Nasar was well aware of what day it was. He was well aware that he was going to die today. Yet, Santiago Nasar wore a white suit. White is the color of innocence. Nasar was killed without the knowledge of why he was killed. Nasar made an excuse for wearing white on the day he was going to die. However, I believe Santiago Nasar was not the one Angela Vicario lost her virginity to.

"He explained to her that he'd got dressed up pontifical style in case he had a chance to kiss the bishop's ring… 'He won't even get off the boat,' she told him…Santiago Nasar knew it was true, but church pomp had an irresistible fascination for him."

(Marquez 8) Santiago Nasar resembles Jesus in various scenes throughout the novel. In this case his purity in wearing white during his murder symbolizes his innocence to the fault at hand.

Although this novel is bias, the readers cannot help but agree with the narrator. It seemed to most people that Santiago Nasar would never rape Angela Vicario. People didn't believe the Vicario twins were able to kill a man. However the brothers had to regain their family's honor. Santiago's white suit symbolized his innocence and purity to the crime. Angela Vicario clearly picked a random name of a living person in order to prevent the murder of her secret lover. The narrator made it clear that Santiago Nasar was innocent.

Like Jesus, Santiago Nasar died for the sake of the Vicario reputation. He died for his belief in the importance of a...