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Cincinnati Bell is one of the most respected local exchange and wireless providers in the United States. This locally based company offers many solutions in telecommunications and offers other services to better fit residential and business customers in the three-state area that is Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Their incomparable legacy in this region has made them a commodity for every business to have to operate effectively.

Bell offers many solutions for business-to-business sales whether it has to do with the Internet, home security, or different types of telephone services. Cincinnati Bell started as 'The City and Suburban Telegraph Company.' This was the only name change that the local company has experienced. Founded in 1873, this company was the first in the city of Cincinnati to provide a direct communication city's home and businesses. Around this time, Bell was only maintaining about 50 private telegraph lines in the city between mainly the bigger businesses.

'The City and Suburban Association' signed a contract with Bell Telephone Company of Boston. The Boston Company was the first telephone service and manufacturing company in the nation. This gave Bell their first exclusive network in Cincinnati that covered over a 25-mile radius. Today Cincinnati Bell Telephone covers over 2,400 square miles in the tri-state.

Over the years since, this company had developed greatly from just a small company to a multimillion-dollar company with employing thousands of local residents. The exact number of employees varies every quarter because of cutbacks and new-hires. Cincinnati Bell has many offices in the tri-state. Their main corporate headquarters is in the Atrium Towers in downtown Cincinnati. The majority of their other offices are located in in-line stores or in malls. Their main business-to-business office where they make the bulk of all the business sales is located in Northgate, Ohio.

The Chairman of the Board for Bell, Phillip R. Cox stated in the annual report:

"Our employees and operations have long been part of the rich fabric of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. From the early days of telephone connections to the lightening-fast speed of broadband in the 21st century, Cincinnati Bell has proven it can and will deliver the products people and businesses need to live, work and play in a wired world."

This is basically what Cincinnati Bell thrives on while making their business one of the best in the business.