Civilization and the wilderness

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Civilization and the wilderness have constantly been in dispute. As evident, in Canada, there has always been great tension between civilization and the wilderness. Regrettably, humans are constantly invading the homes of animals. In addition, whenever people get the opportunity, they would hold the wild accountable for their problems.

Human population is growing very rapidly. In order to support their needs, humans are developing forests and other animal habitats for their own use, thereby confusing animals and altering behaviour patterns. Humans constantly invade the habitats of animals, and often tame various animals for their own amusement such as in zoos and aquariums. In many cases, try to control them as well. Just as in Banff National Park, humans try to control the lifestyles of wolves and other animals in order to make profit off of tourists who want to see them. One can see this in the movie on Banff National Park that we viewed in class.

No matter the reason, it is unmistakably wrong and should immediately cease.

Seeing that no person likes to take blame for anything, people, whenever given the opportunity, will blame their problems on what they cannot control; and sadly, this is often nature or the wilderness. This is demonstrated near the beginning of the book, "Never Cry Wolf", when it was said, "The carnage being wreaked on the deer population by hordes of wolves," this implies that the sudden decline on the deer population is a result of large groups of wolves killing overwhelming amounts of deer devoid of motivation. Having done extensive research, it was discovered that the deer were in fact being over-hunted by people, contrary to the wrongly assumed belief that they were being over-hunted by the wolves.

In Canada, there has been excessive hostility between society and the...