A Civilization's Way of Life.

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A Civilization's Way of Life

All civilizations live in their own way and through reading these documents I will be able to obtain different views of how each one lived. Some are more concerned with power and a few with upholding their religious beliefs. I will analyze each document and give my opinion on whether or not I agree with their ways of life.

The Quiche monarchs had the weight of the world on their shoulders. They carried a load of troubles for the community. Through fasting the men satisfied their guidelines and kept their place as a monarch. They also gained power through fasting. The men fasted as a way to give their loved ones a blessed life through praying and sacrificing. It was way of keeping them safe, having good fortune for the rest of their lives and safeguarding against evil. Their duties consisted of praying all day, burning incense, and making sacrifices.

They would mourn and plead all day in their prayers. When the fasting took place nine men fasted and nine made sacrifices. Then there were thirteen who made offerings to Tohil and another thirteen who burned incense. In my opinion the Quiche society was very dedicated and had great faith in what they did. In return for this they were rewarded with control, independence, as well as the basics in life that they needed to survive.

The people owed Tohil their life. Through the fasting and obedience to this chief god they gained power and eventually conquered. They prayed to be blessed. They were blessed with daily nourishment for their families and again they did receive some type of self-government. They also felt protected and safe. In return for all of these things, it was expected for the men to grieve and fast throughout the...