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Tony Kellerhuis

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We are starting to witness the beginning of a new era full of information and technology, and it will help develop the future. Despite all the new inventions and ideas, which indicate how far advanced people have become, versus the past, has society grown in other ways? Does being civilized only mean to become more advanced technologically, or does it also apply to morals?

Obviously, society has developed learning and technology to the extremes. Today, inventions such as the computer and nuclear power plants have come into play. Things which were never imagined long ago, yet easily obtained today. Machines alleviate us from a lot of hard work, which was completed by hand, so in this sense, society has become more civilized.

On the other hand, not all the technology used nowadays improves society. Many specialized weapons have been produced to kill large quantities of people.

Such as machine guns, and nuclear weapons. Many people have to live in constant fear of these extremely dangerous weapons, while others use them for protection. We still have as many wars as in the past, but new technology used helps bring about more casualties. Could this be crueler than our ancestors?

Besides the wars, society has not grown in understanding others. Prejudice around today seems more prevalent. Many hate groups like the KKK are still around today, and a large group of new ones have come into being. In the past when our country became a civilization, there were prejudices just because people were different. Over 100 years later, people haven't changed much, and prejudice prevails, making one wonder if we have become civilized yet.

Technically we have become civilized. People travel across the country in a few hours and emails fly wirelessly every second. We think...