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Categories in School PREPS - The kids classified as preps are also classified as suck ups / teachers pets. These kids are spoiled by their parents and think their shi* doesn't stink. Some might want to call them snobs because they are stuck up and think that their too good for others. Preps are conformists if they are told to do something they will do just that and if they are told to believe something they will believe that. Sometimes people put the preps and the jocks in the same category. Teachers sometimes favor these kids over others. (Have witnessed these acts.) JOCKS - People who are under the classification of jocks are said to also be preps. The jocks are those people who play sports in school and hang around with preps. The definition of a jock in the dictionary is an athletic supporter which is totally true. A jock can be classified as a prep or a punk it just depends on what class they fall into or should I say the people they hang around with.

PUNKS - Those who are classified as punks / skaters are also said to be scumbags. We the people who are put under this category are judged by the music we listen to, the way we dress, and the people we are friends with. The true definition of a punk in the dictionary is a young person, especially the member of a rebellious counterculture group. This definition is half true. The part that the person has to be a young person is false because age doesn't matter and you don't have to be part of any group. The rebellious part of the definition is half true because just to be classified as a punk you don't have to be an anarchist.