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1 October 2014

Audiences have been captivated by movies since their inception. Movies have given producers the opportunity to tell a story without a short time limit like television. Over the years, great films have been produced and are now renowned as classics. These classic films are what we look to for examples of great movies and have set standards that for filmmaking. When we think of classic films we might think of older movies that might not appear to be much. These classic movies hold within them a relatable story, or a moral message to the audience. When examining movies from recent years, it might be hard to pick out the classics of the time. Many movies are deserving of the title while many aren't even close. Toy story is an animated film that released in 1995. This film displays the characteristics of a classic and should be considered one.

Classic films have things in common. Many classic films are older movies. Movies like the titanic, The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the wind, Frankenstein are examples of old movies that still manage to get played despite their age and lack of technological usage. These movies all withheld the test of time. This is a huge factor when considering a classic. These films, along with others, have to withhold their audience's attention years after they have released. If a movie can still be considered one of the great films years after it is released, there is a good chance that the movie will be considered a classic. The original Toy story movie will be 19 years old this year. While it isn't very old compared to some of classics, it has age. This age hasn't done much to the popularity of the...