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As many readers know that in film making the importance of sound and light in a movie play a big role in the movie, they detail character and suspense. With out it, a movie will not be the same. Bryan Singer did a great job with the lighting and camera combined to create an appropriately shadowy underworld as a background for the action shots. The movie had many silhouette shots, with strong cuts, with great lighting effects with angled lighting. All of these characteristics make up all the key terms in what makes a movie great.

Threw out the scenes in the movie it dealt with a lot of lighting and sound effects. Most of its scenes would have sharp cuts to tight close-ups with dramatic music to accentuate the cuts. The lighting was frequently such that part of the character's face was bathed in light and the rest of the scene was naturally dark.

Frequently the camera angles were strange and the editing was at times and at a pace that surprise you.

For most directors it's a challenge to control the lighting effects in the movie. Most days many directors use the power of cinematography which enables you to emphasize and alter characters mode in a scene throughout the film.

For the most part the sounds use in the movie where all different. I mean different in a good way, not in a bad crappy way. They sounds gave the movie effects of suspense, action, drama and sorrow. For example a slow song would be played to represent the depression or sadness stage in the movie. You will have a song that has a faster beat or quiet beat which represented action, or suspense. In the movie there are a lot of examples that use sounds to create...