Climate Change and Canada

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5 October 2014

Climate Change: A Priority for the Canadian Government

When most people think of Canada, they think of polite, nice, caring people. Our impact on the environment says otherwise. According to David Suzuki, "If everybody in the world lived the way we do in Canada, we would need the resources of five more planets". This shows that humans, especially Canadians, are consuming more resources that our planet can produce. There are some who may think there are more pressing concerns than pollution. The truth is, climate change and environmental damage should be an increased priority for the Canadian government. The reasons being Canada is one of the leading polluters in the world, there is a significant amount of greenhouse gases produced by Canadians, and it affects other countries' economic well-being.

Pollution is a huge issue for Canada. First of all, Canada is to blame for being a large polluter of the environment. For example, Canada's pollution as a whole looks low compared to countries with large populations, such as the United States, China, and India. But each Canadian uses a lot of resources and pollutes greatly. Canada releases about 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per capita, and is the fourteenth highest polluter per capita. For that reason, if Canada had the same population of China, it would be the largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world! In addition, Canada is a large, wealthy country with lots of resources and land for a relatively small population. The total area of land area is about 10 million square kilometres, with a population of about 34 million. That means on average, there are less than 4 people per square kilometre. As a result, we have the...