Clinton/ Lewinsky Sex Scandal

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Are scandals a mere wrongdoing or do they it require outrage and reaction? A scandal by definition is "a circumstance or action that offends propriety or established moral conceptions or disgraces associated with it". The story that caught America's attention was the Clinton/Lewinsky story. News of the scandals broke on January 1998. The president has a vital role to play in the country. It is not everyday that we hear such offensive rather shocking stories. Presidents, who are constantly reminded of their power and prestigious rank, become exasperated because they cannot control the news media. How can we understand Bill Clinton's thoughts and actions during the media frenzy over his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a young White House intern?

Lewinsky wasn't the first woman to be confronted by President Bill Clinton. The most common story was that of Paula Jones. In the article, I read about it says, "I don't believe Jones' story."(Prettyman,

1998) It was stated that Paula Jones fabricated her story of an "unwanted" advance by Clinton because she didn't want her then-boyfriend (now husband) Steve Jones, an avid Clinton-hater to know that she willingly did whatever she had done. This Lewinsky scandal might be another "game" on the president. Presidential figures as well as "Hollywood stars" are walking target of opportunity by people who envy these famous figures.

"Monica Lewinsky is a woman who used her powers over the President to advance her Career, but in fact she seems more pathetic than powerful."(Audrey, 1999) This clearly states that Monica Lewinsky had planned this scandal all the way. Lewinsky had resigned from her job at pentagon and now runs her own business. She sells her brand name handbags. She was an ordinary girl and how does she become famous suddenly? It was stated that she...