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Tesla / The history of tesla and the fued with Edison that blackend his name. A very thought out paper about tesla being left out of history because of his budgetery concerns.

an seven hundred patents and inventions that are far superior to those inventions by Thomas Edison (Wikipedia). Our current technological abilities have been shaped more by Tesla than any other indivi ... t midnight of the 9th of June during a powerful lightning storm in the village of Smiljan, Croatia (Wikipedia). His father was a brilliant cleric in the Serbian Orthodox Church, fluent in several lang ...

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Platonic Realism

I found information on an online encyclopedia called Wikipedia, at my initial looking at the information I was very confused however I eventually derived ...

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Methods Of Capital Punishment

ches in length with a square shaft 3/8 in (1 cm) across. ( die on the cross was believed to be especially painful and very s ...

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"A Tragic Hero"-Julius Caesar William Shakespeare

st that is otherwise perfect except for a tragic flaw, that eventually brings him down in the end."(Wikipedia dictionary) Through out history, there have been tragic heroes in fiction and history. In ...

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The French Wars of Religion : What were the causes and consequences of King Henry IV's death?

really appalling? The Catholics and the Huguenots did not have a good relationship with each other (Wikipedia, French Wars of Religion, 2004). The Edict of Nantes was implemented to give religious rig ... of Religion, 2004). The Edict of Nantes was implemented to give religious rights to the Huguenots (Wikipedia, Edict of Nantes, 2004); what kind of effect would this place onto the Catholics? It shoul ...

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Women's Rights Essay

ng the first women to earn a medical degree in the United States ("Elizabeth Blackwell" 1 She did so by braving the opposition of professors and other students in her me ...

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Definitions of art and how the 8 forms fit into that definition!

of which sprang all other human pursuits such as science via alchemy, and religion via shamanism." (Wikipedia, 2004) The bottom line is that art can be almost anything, which leads us to Thomas Hoving ... , rhythm, and timbre. This site provides many examples of music as and art form.4) Film - is a field that includes motion pictures as an art form. "The images tha ...

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Written Assignment #1: Critical comparative analysis of "Yorkshire Slavery" by Richard Oastler and "An Address by a Journeyman Cotton Spinner."

sh economist Arnold Toynbee popularized the phrase "The Industrial Revolution" in the 19th century (Wikipedia "Arnold Toynbee"). In addition to the actual technical developments, the phrase includes t ... he Potato Then & Now."> (18 Sept.2003).Wikipedia. "Arnold Toynbee." 4 Feb. 2003.(18 Sept. 2003).

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John Dalton and His Atomic Theory

first to put the ideas into a universal law of atomic theory, undoubtedly his greatest achievement (Wikipedia, 2004). According to Dalton's atomic theory all matter is made up of atoms which ar ...

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Groupthink - Decision Making

of group think as well as mechanisms for prevention.What is Group Think?Group think as described by Wikipedia "as a term coined by psychologist Irving Janis in 1972 to describe one process by which a ... on Making. Retrieved 1/16/05 from /archive/groupthink.cfm?source=archther.Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Groupthink. Retrieved on 1/16/05 from http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Groupthink.

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PR and It's Impact on Society

PR and It's Impact on SocietyWikipedia, an internet encyclopedia source, defines Public Relations as "the practice of conveying m ... alf of a client, with the intention of changing the public's actions by influencing their opinions (, 2004)." It can be argued that this definition offers a narrow, one-sided view of the ... cesHebert, Catherine. (2004). Personal Conversation on Friday, November 5, 2004."Public Relations." Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia 2004.Retrieved Sunday, October 3,2004 from the World Wide Web: http:// ...

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Multiple Views on Multiple Dimensions: Eastern and Western Perspectives

ed out'. In essence, it is the "the number of degrees of freedom available for movement in a space (Wikipedia, 2005, paragraph 23). Dimension also defines an object's shape and size, like that of a bo ... etrieved 5 February 2005 from the World Wide Web: (2005). Dimension in physics. Retrieved 5 February 2005 from the World Wide W ...

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Analysis of "A Valediction : Forbidding Mourning"

he ceonverted to Anglicism. This is the reason for most of his poetry to contain spiritual themes.(Wikipedia) In "A Valediction : Forbidding Mourning," Donne writes about a lover bidding farewell to ...

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Value Chain Differences Between B2C and B2B Organizations E-Bus 400

Value Chain Differences Between B2C and B2B OrganizationsE-Business, as defined by Wikipedia, an Internet encyclopedia, "is any information system or application that empowers busines ... Internet encyclopedia, "is any information system or application that empowers business processes (, 2005)." With e-businesses, the internet becomes the hub for all business activities. ... commerce-website-development.asp"E-Business" (2005). Definition retrieved February 11, 2005 fromwww.Wikipedia.orgFAQ's (2005). HalfpriceBooks FAQ's. Retrieved February 11, 2005 fromwww.halfpricebooks. ...

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Role Analysis of Regional Integration MGT 448 global Business Strategies

Role Analysis of Regional IntegrationWikipedia, an internet encyclopedia source, defines globalization as "a social change, an increased ... ransport and communication technologies to facilitate international cultural and economic exchange (Wikipedia, 2004)." In other words, globalization pertains to the connectivity that allows people and ... most populous at 3.3 billion people or approximately three-fifths of the world's total population (Wikipedia, 2004). The culture and industries of Asia differ vastly thoroughout the various regions o ...

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Ethics and ethical behaviour.

formulated in 1781 by Jeremy Bentham, and later elaborated on by the philosopher John Stuart Mill (Wikipedia, 2005.) It's a principle that bases the 'rightness' of an action on the value (or utility) ... ber. The value of an action is positive if the action increases the total 'happiness' in the world (Wikipedia, 2005.) In a business context, profits, efficiency and other performance criteria can be u ...

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The Handover of Hong Kong

st economies, as well as the world's 10th largest trading entity and 11th largest banking center." ( Although Hong Kong is now under China's ruling instead of Britain's, life has not cha ... ement that the Chinese government have in Hong Kong?Presently, as stated in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the territory has been granted autonomy as well as retaining its own legal system, curren ...

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Resistors in series and parallel.

regardless of the applied voltage or current, or the rate of change in the current (Resistor, 2005, Wikipedia).Electrical resistance is a measure of the ability of an object to oppose the passage of a ... circuits in series and parallel that are close to the "real world" values.Bibliography:"resistor." Wikipedia. Wikipedia, 2005.Available: 24 Jul. 2005."resistor ...

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The Formation of an Inefficient Market: Analysis of China's securities market.

or finance, China security market, inefficientResearch update1.Theoretically efficient.According to, Efficient market theory is a field of economics which seeks to explain the workings o ...

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Staffing Practices.

ing, evaluating, and establishing a working relationship with future colleagues on a project." ( The process of staff recruitment and selection is becoming increasingly complex and i ...

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