Tesla / The history of tesla and the fued with Edison that blackend his name. A very thought out paper about tesla being left out of history because of his budgetery concerns.

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Despite a propaganda war against his name and inventions, Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors of all time. He has more than seven hundred patents and inventions that are far superior to those inventions by Thomas Edison (Wikipedia). Our current technological abilities have been shaped more by Tesla than any other individual. By being erased from the Smithsonian and omitted in school textbooks, Tesla has been all but forgotten by the vast majority of society (Wagner).

Nikola Tesla was ironically born at midnight of the 9th of June during a powerful lightning storm in the village of Smiljan, Croatia (Wikipedia). His father was a brilliant cleric in the Serbian Orthodox Church, fluent in several languages. His mother was an illiterate housewife with a photographic memory who frequently invented tools to help her around the house (Cheney).

Tesla became intrigued with engineering at an early age inventing his first motor at the age of five by gluing sixteen June bugs to propellers (Cheney 7).

Although his father expressed wishes for him to join the ministry, Tesla insisted on studying engineering (Herskovits). Nikola entered the Polytechnic School in Graz where he studied 20 hours a day, earned straight A+ grades, and learned to speak nine languages (Herskovits). In 1882 he started working for the Continental Edison Company in Paris where he constructed his first alternating current motor. Interested in the opportunities the United States had to offer, Nikola Tesla secured a job with the Edison Light Company in New York (Herskovits).

Nikola Tesla arrived in New York in 1884 with nothing but four cents and a collection of his own poems (Herskovits). Tesla worked a year on direct current dynamos for Edison. The manager promised Tesla $50,000 for his work. When Tesla finished he asked for his pay. The manager...