The Close Relationship Between Hitler and Mussolini

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Mussolini and Hitler were great friends and allies. Hitler had great admiration for Mussolini and Italy, he considered Italy one of the natural friends of his new Germany. He admired Italy's art and even stated, "My dearest wish would be to be able to wander about Italy as an unknown painter." (Qtd in Bosworth, 300) Mussolini had great respect for Hitler and was envious of the Germans success, he hoped to one day have as much power as Hitler. They had a very close relationship.

Italian Fascism and German Nazism were greatly alike. They both called for national regeneration, one all-powerful leader or dictator and a government based on terror or fear. Both Mussolini and Hitler hated liberalism. Mussolini once said "Representative systems belong rather to mechanical than to a moral system... No one can see where the people begins and where it ends. It a purely abstract entity... This in not and there never has been such a thing as government by consent...

it can never existed and never will exist. The word sovereign as applied to the people is a tragic joke." (Qtd in Catlin, 722) Other things that both Hitler and Mussolini had in common were their love of uniforms, parades, use of violence, and methods of mass communication to spread their message. Mussolini believed that he was the sole person that knew what the people of Italy wanted and what was best for them and Hitler believed that he was God.

Hitler and Mussolini encouraged cultural exchange. Art exhibits were created in both Italy and Germany showing art from the other country. Youth groups were also

created and radios held combined transmission for schools, using the broadcasts to foster personal contacts between the children though pen-pal arrangements. One Italian boy listener was alleged to have written:...