The Clubbing Culture

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The sun goes down and the night falls. Life in the city changes from a hustle and bustle busy working day to a relaxing and cooling night at the end of the day. Though the city never sleeps just like that because there are happenings all over the place in the city, such places will be the pub, lounge, bar and bistro, discotheque, nightclubs, cafés, karaoke, and lots more. One of the most popular among all those places will be the club.

A club is a place where people subscribe money to provide themselves with entertainment. People will dance to amplify recorded music played by a disc jockey, the drinks they served there, such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, the services they provide, and of course, the state of the art beautiful in-house design of the place and the lightings.

"Let's go clubbing tonight!" It is something universally understood among those people who aware of this modern culture.

Clubs often attract young generation of people from 18 years old until 30 years old, but now it even attract white collar like doctor, lawyer, and lecturer. In other word, it is likely a night time "playground" for the young generation of people that lives in the city. Clubbing will never turns out to be something boring when there is so much fun, pleasure, and people to meet with. Inside the club, time seems to be frozen and people just enjoy themselves throughout the whole night.

The reason why people go clubbing is because they might search for a feeling that they are in the middle of something exciting and special or something that they had never tried it before. They will always seek validation to some extent. Clubbing make people feel like they are really having a "good time" and that...