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Keesha Glauser Mrs. Polland 4th period Cold Sassy Tree (Whole Book Assignments) * Find two incidents that illustrate how people in Cold Sassy view the "proper" role of women.

- AT the beginning of the book when the family is gossiping about Miss Love. They talk about how because she's a Yankee she doesn't do what most women do. Miss Love was in to Women's Rights and getting women to do things that they don't normally do. Just about everyone was against that! - At the end of the book when Loma gets a job at the store they say how she can't work out side because that's not lady like. She stays in the store because that's the "proper" thing to do.

* Give three examples of times when either gossip or the fear of gossip affected the behavior of the character.

- Right at the beginning when Grandpa decided he was going to marry Love, the only reason everyone in the family was mad was because they were worried about what other people might think of them.

-When Love and Rucker went to New York Love was worried that people might not like her so she wrote all the women and girls letters saying how she found them cute clothes and gave them post cards and stuff. This was to only get on their good side and to not have anything to talk about.

- When Grandpa gets his new car Love doesn't go to get it with him cause she's afraid of what everyone will think.

* Find three different views of God and the meaning of life and death.

- Grandpa believes that God gave you a brain and you decide how to use it. He also believes that if you're a good person you won't go to hell.

- The Presbyterian church believes that everything that happens was already pre ordained. They believe that if you commit suicide you will go to hell.

- Will Tweedy saw to both sides of grandpa and the Presbyterian church but as for his own opinion, he wasn't sure what to think.

* Grandpa is involved in the planning of three funerals - Mattie Lou's, Camp's, and his own. Discuss the similarities and differences that existed among these three.

- One major similarity that I found was that they were all well taken care of. Although Camp committed suicide he was still given a great funeral just as grandpa and grandma.

- The differences being, everyone dressed in black for grandma and camps. Grandpa wanted a party and that's what he got. They all celebrated his death wearing bright colors even.

* A simile is a comparison using the words as, like or than. Quote ( with a page reference) ten simile's that Burns uses in the novel.

1. "Said the Yankees would hang you by your heels and split you down the middle like a dang pig." pg60 2. "The stared at me with sullen, mean eyes, like I was a strange animal." pg70 3. " Since Lightfoot, just being around them was like getting fussed at for wearing shoes in winter and having a cow and a family cook." pg70 4. " I also didn't want to see Hosie Roach, a snot-nosed twenty-one-year-old mill boy in my class who stunk like a polecat and had tow-colored hair so thick and tangled it looked like a cootie stable." pg71 5. " I was proud he wasn't lazy, like his own daddy..." pg73 6. "Like Grandpa Tweedy, Papa worried all the time about sin on Sunday." pg73 7. "The longer I stared up at it and the blue sky and fleecy clouds beyond, the more it seemed like a bridge across the world." pg74 8. " I was shaking like the palsy and scared to death I'd puke or start crying." pg84 9. " I was shivering like a wet dog." pg86 10. "I shut my eyes like sleeping as they marched over to stare at the corpse." pg89