Cold war.

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At World War II's end in 1945, the U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union) led by Josef Stalin was increasing his attempt to spread communism to surrounding countries. Meanwhile the United States, a country who had been anally in the war, was now taking part in efforts to contain the Stalin and the Soviets from spreading communism to the rest of Europe and Asia. The Soviets had built an Iron Curtain down the middle of Germany and throughout the rest of Eastern Europe to Turkey. America began in it's aid to Greece and Turkey in order to prevent the spread of communism. On the other side of Asia, the Soviets were supporting the communist effort in Korea. This eventually led to Americas involvement and the Korean War.

Everywhere the Soviets were trying to spread, the Americans were right there trying to save the day. They had the Soviets contained in eastern Europe, and eastern Asia.

Obviously, the Stalin and the Soviets were not too happy with these efforts by the United States. Consequently, both countries began investing in technological advancements in nuclear weapons. At many occasions, World War III was just a step away, but President Truman clearly stated his opinion in that, "We (United States) are trying to prevent a World War-- not start one."

During the Truman presidency, a lot of things were going on both in America and the world. The effort in halting the spread of communism in Europe and Asia occupied a great deal of President Harry S Truman's focuses. In an endeavor to prevent the spread of communism into Korea, America began helping the South Koreans repel Northern forces. This resulted in a war that would ultimately claim the lives of fifty thousand American soldiers and would end in a stalemate. The federal budget was...