Who is most to blame for the Cold War?

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After the surrender of Nazi Germany, the relationship of Allies started undermining when Truman and Stalin disagreed over several issues such as how to divide Germany and the size of reparation. Through the next five years, the allies became instead enemies and the Soviet Union is to be partially responsible for this.

Germany was always one of the biggest disagreements among the Allies. As mentioned, Truman and Stalin failed to agree on the size of reparation and the question on how to divide Germany in Potsdam Conference. In the end, it was divided into four zones occupied by French, British, American and Soviets. Soviets were deeply responsible for the Berlin Airlift in 1948~1949 when they closed down the road from West Germany to West Berlin. This had provoked the West and thus they used B-29 bombers to carry food, coal and living needs to the West Berlin. This was the one of the closest time where they could have started World War Three.

However, Soviet Union would only be partially blamed. First of all in January 1948, French, British and American zones in Germany were joined, they had access to each other zones freely, which would encourage fast industrial and economical development. Soon they were united and the Federal Republic of Germany (West) was established. West Deutshmark was introduced in January 1949. Secondly, the Marshall Plan increased the speed of development in West Germany even faster. These all show that the US and Britain broke their promise of the Morganthou plan. In WWI and WWII, Germany had always invaded Russia. Russians couldn't bear another German invasion, thus it was reasonable for them to make this decision, which US failed to understand. Thus Soviet Union is not fully responsible on the consequences of Germany.

The majority believes the USSR totally responsible...