Cold War- events taken place during the war.

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The Cold War began in 1945. It was a silent war fought with frustration and disagreements taken out on plans and policies. The Cold War started shortly after World War II, it had been only about five years since the war. After World War II ended there was much tension between democratic and communist nations. The United States and Soviet Union were both superpowers competing for world leadership. The meetings at Yalta and Potsdam determined the oppositions of these countries and it showed clearly where they stood. As a result the Truman Doctrine, The Marshall Plan, and the communist Containment Policy were actions taken during the Cold War.

The meetings in Yalta and Potsdam were significant events leading to the Cold War. The Yalta conference settled an agreement to allow Eastern European countries choose their own governments in a free election. The Potsdam conference was a result of the Yalta conference.

The Soviet Union did not agree to the terms discussed in the Yalta conference. The Soviets saw it as an unfair agreement because it basically promoted democracy over communism. Stalin refused to compromise the negotiation. In that case the U.S. and Britain felt that the only way to get Stalin to change his mind was war but the world was in no condition for one. To compromise the negotiation in 1945 the countries came to an agreement where the European countries could only vote Soviet friendly governments. That year marked the start of major conflicts between the U.S. and Soviet Union.

In March 1947 the Truman Doctrine came about. The Doctrine started that the U.S. would support free countries that were resistant of their governments. This angered the Soviet Union. They saw it as a prevention of spreading their communist governments thorough out various European countries. Later in...