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The average hospital charge for a cesarean delivery (C-section) at Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC) is $7,300, compared to $3,700 for a vaginal delivery. The average length of stay for a C-section was 3.5 days, compared to 1.7 days for a vaginal delivery. Given the cost of a C-section compared to vaginal delivery, there is a need to reduce the costs of the procedure without reducing the quality of care received. A reason for the increased cost is the utilization of the surgical staff to perform the C-Section care. In addition to costs, the quality of patient care is less than satisfactory because the surgical nurse does not have an opportunity to form a relationship with the patient, there is additional pain postpartum, and the hospital stay is longer. This paper will demonstrate a collaborative approach to improving the obstetrical patient care while reducing costs for that care.

Tift Regional Medical Center is named in honor of Tifton's founder, Henry Harding Tift.

In 1940 a new 35 bed Tift County Hospital opened to serve Tift County, later it was enlarged to 60 beds. On November 1, 1965, Tift County Hospital became Tift General Hospital with the opening of a new 85 bed facility on 18th Street. Now with over 190 beds, Tift General Hospital was renamed as Tift Regional Medical Center in 2000. The facility is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

With a reputation as an innovative provider of quality health care, Tift Regional Medical Center is an acute care facility that serves as the regional referral center for all of South Central Georgia. Tift Regional Medical Center offers a full-range of services, including a 24-hour emergency department and an after-hours medical clinic for non-urgent care. The facility employs over 800 people and...