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"If there's a will, there's a way" is a motto that I've lived by. I still remember when I was young. I greatly disliked math and it appeared to dislike me. I was going to accept the fact that I might not be able to become a math person. I purposely did not do well on almost all of my math exams in elementary school. I virtually gave up. And living in xxx, it was a pretty cut-throat environment. However, as I grew older I felt the need to challenge myself. For that reason, I had slowly developed a personal drive for excellence as I grew and I always expected greatness from myself. I felt I needed to defeat my worst fear- math. I believed that if I faced it with a positive attitude, I would eventually find a way to overcome it. By the time I turned twelve, I began to enjoy doing math and it recently has become my favorite subject.

I am interested in math related subjects, because I enjoy the excitement and satisfaction in solving a math problem. The resolve I feel after finishing a math question is comparable to that of explorers and mountaineers after climbing mountains. The feeling of accomplishment overwhelms me with joy and delight. Math stimulates my memory and keeps me mentally active at all times. It helps me to develop my problem solving skills and to reach another level of greatness in my day-to-day life. It brings a greater attention to detail and I have grown to realize that one small mistake has the potential to lead to a disaster.

Before this significant change in my life, I had never realized that math was so important to me and I had never thought of math as something that would...