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Eboné Minton The word memory is a very strong word. Maybe not to you but to me it's just like the word "Love" or like the word "Hate". Your memory is something you never lose. It's just like your heart, you're born with one and you die with one. Your memory is the most precious thing you have because it's the only connection to the good and the bad things that will help you grow and get stronger.

All bottled up in my mind, the one thing that won't escape is my mom. She was the greatest person to me and still is. My mother died when I was eleven and it has been the greatest tragedy so far. When she died I couldn't believe it. I had no idea what to do, how to react, or how to feel. I could never again hear her ask me how my day was, or call, "Ma, Ma," when I come home.

I can't even taste her southern cooking anymore.

She left six children un-mothered, me, the oldest, and five younger siblings. Times have been very hard ever since she left me, and nothing is going to change. I would give up everything just to have her back in my life. She's been gone for five years now and I could write a thousand page book on how bad the outcome has been. She was the person who held us together, but now, since she's gone, my siblings and I are like children who have been abandoned and are tossed around to several relatives. Now, nothing is the same. All the holidays that I shared with her are not the same. Christmas isn't the same. Nor is Thanksgiving. She was the foundation of my house.

Being a young adult,