Colonial Medicine And Doctors

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Colonial Medicine and Doctors The best health care today is considered to be in the United States of America. The most highly trained physicians, nurses, and medical support staff have been trained and work in United States hospitals. Through medical research and the genius of countless scientist many of the horrible diseases have been erased from the United States and the rest of the world. Even many types of cancer are now more treatable and highly curable. Through technology, much of the medical equipment used throughout the world was invented in America. It's hard to imagine that approximately 400 hundred years ago, the early settlers to this continent, would be the forbearers of the health care system and all the advancements in the field of medicine today. If you have never thought much about health care during the colonial period then read on and you will wonder how anyone ever survived to create our great country.

People boarded the ship to the New World thinking of starting a better life with religious freedom. These brave and adventurous travelers were probably excited and yet afraid but looked forward to reaching the New World. Sadly a good amount of those people died of disease on the ships. If you did make it without injury or disease you were considered very lucky. Most of the settlers still living didn't make it off the ship without some sort of sickness or injury such as scurvy. Many did not know if they would ever regain their health. They were settling in an undeveloped land and many were probably not considering that there would be very little health care when they arrived.(Fisher pg. 7) It's impossible to study health care in early colonial America without discussing the health care situation in England at the...