What Colors Really Say About Who You Are

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The color spectrum contains millions of colors, so how is it we can decide on a favorite color when there are so many to choose from? This color we choose not only decides what the majority of our wardrobe looks like or our room appearance, it can let people in on your personality, aspirations, and lifestyle. If I were to talk about all the colors, I would be here for a lifetime, so I have decided to cover the eight most popular color choices by people today.

Red is usually associated with fire and heat, so it can be expected that people who like the color red, are usually extroverts, always full of energy. This person is also impulsive, sexy, usually athletic, and quick to speak their mind. A person who truly likes the color red also tends to blame others for their state of unhappiness. Since red is the most popular color, this means that a huge part of our population acts and thinks like this.

Blue. It is the color of devotion and accomplishment, and therefore, blue lovers know how to earn their money, rarely do impulsive things, and make the right associations in life. Blue types also have a very strong sex drive, although it can be controlled. If these people decided to be executives of a company or golfers, they would most likely succeed in those positions. Cautious, steady and admirable are all adjectives that describe blue types of people.

Purple is a subtle color and is usually preferred by people who are sensitive and who have above average taste. A majority of these people are artsy and enjoy going to refined activities such as a ballet or orchestra performance. They hold high standards for themselves and everyone around them. Vanity may be involved with some...