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Written texts have specific ideas and representations within them. In the text The Colour of Water, written by James McBride generic conventions are used in order to make an impact on the reader's perception of identity, such as the way in which identity is dependent upon ones religion and beliefs as well as ones identity being influenced by their parents. The written techniques used to highlight these pieces of evidence are the use of dialogue and the use of imagery.

Identity is dependent upon ones religion. This can be demonstrated in the text when Ruth in her younger years cannot bring herself to go into the church, as she feels that it is wrong and that she is betraying her Judaism. The way in which Ruth's identity is shaped by this event demonstrates the strong ties she held within her religion and how her character could not even face going into a church as her Jewish identity was made present.

This can also be demonstrated when it is seen countless times throughout the text that Ruth, upon converting to Christianity and finding herself through religion, changes her name multiple times as she is unsure of her identity, however through her conversion to Christianity her names changes to Ruth, however when she was previously Jewish her name was Ruchala, and therefore it can be demonstrated that with a change in religion comes a change in one's name and hence their identity, as ones name is the basis of their profile and in turn their identity. The written technique used to highlight this evidence is the use of dialogue when Ruth is talking to James about her past. The use of dialogue enables the reader to gain a greater understanding of the text and the character as they experience the text and...