Columus Affects On 2 Worlds

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Christopher Columbus' expeditions changed the past, as well as the present. As he made his voyages across the Atlantic, Columbus made positive and negative effects on the world at the time.

Columbus' travels opened up products to the natives of the Americas and the people of Europe. For example, Europeans had never seen pineapple, turkeys, and tobacco. The natives had never seen horses, cattle, guns, and war armor. After settlements began to come about, trading these items between the "new"� and "old"� worlds began to be very important in both civilizations lives.

Unfortunately, Columbus' travels didn't just bring great products to and from the New World. The natives had never had diseases such as the Measles and other European diseases. The sailors also were infected with some one of the natives diseases. Syphilis being the worse, sailors who had sexual contact with native women would pick up this horrible STD.

To me, Columbus' greatest impact on history was proving that the world was round. This theory, soon became fact when he returned from his first voyage without falling of the earth. This opened the door for many other explores to explore the rest of the world. He should be remembered for his courage in proving this milestone in history.

Columbus' impact on the New and Old Worlds of the past were very vital to the development of the world today. Both good and bad things came out of it but his first step in proving the world was round changed the world forever.