The Comeback Challenge

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The book I read is called "The Comeback Challenge" it is a about a boy that went through a lot to make his dream come true. If u want 2 know what his dream was u will just have to listen. Well, Mark was a 12 year boy who lived with his mom. One day the whole family moved to England. And then after that his parents got divorced and Mark had to move with his grandparents. So, then his grandparents had to put him in school. But Mark didn't want to go to that school he wanted to go to his old school. But he had no choice so he went to a school called "Knightstown Middle School." After he was there for a couple of weeks he made friends and started to like this school. And then his friends wanted to play soccer after school and they wanted to see if Mark could come.

And Marks grandparents said "yes of course." So when they got there they were impressed with how good he could play. So they wanted to ask if their Coach could see how good Mark played and see if he could join the team. So after coach saw he thought that Mark was great for the team. And Marks grand-parents had to agree before he could join the team. So after all this he finally got his wish.