Common Sense

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Great Britain has made us suffer for a long time and if we will not fight we will continue to suffer more and more. It takes no thought, but common sense to realize what is waiting for us no matter what side we will stay on, separation or dependence. People from all over the world have united in this county to get the freedom they have dreamed of, but if we stay connected with Britain these dreams will never come true and there will never be freedom for mankind.

Yes we have been controlled by Britain for a long time, but that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way, because no matter how much care a bird gives to a baby, it will still fly away when it is time. Britain did help us when we needed her, but it absolutely absurd to think that without England's help, we would not survive and maybe do better even if Britain would not know about of our existence.

England is not the mother of America, Europe is. America was not build on the help from England it was build on the Europeans who came to build a better place. It is true England protected us, but it is also true that everything England ever did for America, was really done for themselves. The only reason she ever helped America was for her own reason and for her own good. All the battles Britain ever fought by our side were fought from her own enemies and for her self. Every day England is trying to control us more and more, but the result that they are getting is nothing like what they were expecting. Because with every day by trying to control us they give us more and more reasons to separate from them.

It is absolutely crazy to think that we should continue to be controlled by British government. America is hundreds of times bigger then England, a small leaf by the tree does not make the tree shake when the wind blows on it, so why should we be controlled by Britain. I think that we have all right to create our own government, but if we will we need to create it we have to take it slow and make it purfect.

This county was made for freedom of people. We came here to separate from England and if we'll stay connected there will be no country of freedom the only thing that we will make is another England just like the one we used to live in .Maybe some people would be willing to reunite with England for the good of peace, but that person is nothing but a fool, because after everything England has done it is impossible for us to reunite, the wounds that England caused are just too deep. It is only common sense that if we were meant to be controlled by England god would not put an ocean between us.