Common senseBy Thomas Paine

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Common sense


Common Sense was the foundation to the Declaration of Independence, which was created four months after Common Sense, was published. In his writing Paine exposes the case of American independence form the Crown: that a government thousand miles away cannot be an effectively government. The monarchy had caused much of the suffering, violence and welfare in that time. The English claim that America is her child is farcical; England draws America into European wars and squabbles and impoverishes America by diminishing trade. Pain cites British brutality that was so pervasive and ongoing. Pain claimed no reconciliation was possible from a population against Britain:

"As well can the lover forgive the ravisher of his mistress, as the Continent forgives the murders of Britain."

Pain also argues to separation from Britain was that America was still in its youth. It was the perfect timing to separate from England and for its own government and culture before another political culture had the chance to establish itself.

Common Sense also affords a new idea into the minds of the Founders. That it was time to create our own ruling body of a representative republic should look like. Pain suggested a government consisting with a president, members selected form the colony's legislature. He also suggested that this legislative should be large enough so no colony would be able to rule others. Each body would be given powers in opposition to one another.

Pain said as a colony of Britain, has a lack of respectbility in the international scene. They are seem as rebels and are not able to form substantial alliances with other nations. In order to become prosper in the long term, the colonies needed to be independent from Britain. He also says would be able to ask other countries...