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Are you aware that true communism has never been practiced? Although many nations have tried, none have ever succeeded in not distorting true communist views. Today, I hope to clear up some of the misinterpretations associated with communism. I will also discuss the cons and pros of a true communist society.

There are several misconceptions concerning communism. The first is what communism stands for. True communism means each person works for the good of the community rather than him or herself. True communism also means that everyone is truly treated equally (everyone is paid the same amount, given the same material belongings, and is treated the same). A second misunderstanding surrounding communism, is that the communist government owns everything. In truth, the community would own everything. Third, although communism is commonly thought by many people to be a form of government, it is not and never has been a form of government.

If communism ever was truly practiced, there would be no need for government. In fact, communism is actually an economics policy. But, with this economic policy arises the cons of communism.

Communism has several disadvantages. To start with, we will never be truly sure if communism will work until a nation practices and records it. Historians assume that due to greed, (human nature) and social Darwinism ideologies ("survival of the fittest"), communism will always be prone to corruption. Instead of practicing it in it's true form, people within the society often give less to others and take more than they need from other people within the society. A second bad point is every human's tendency toward conformity. Conformity can lead to the lessening of freedom of speech, new ideas, and personal freedoms. Finally, if communism is ever practiced, it is theorized that it will never be able to...