Communism, Containment & the formation of a Nuclear World Order-1945-1960

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After World War II, the struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States had emerged. During the Cold War period, the nations of the world were heavily shaped by the intense rivalry between these two great blocs of power. The conflicts between the Communist Soviet Union, and the Capitalist United States had become a perpetual battle that lasted from the mid 1940's until the end of the 1980's. Although there was not any direct fighting, indirect fighting took place and this is why it is the Cold War

The conference at Yalta held on February of 1945, brought together the big three Allied leaders. During this conference, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt discussed Europe's postwar reorganization. The main purpose of Yalta was the re-establishment of the nations conquered and destroyed by Germany. It brought about an agreement on several important issues such as the formation of the United Nations to maintain peace, the terms for the Soviets to enter war with Japan, the positioning of zones of Allied occupation on Germany and Austria, and agreement in principle to a policy of German reparation payments.

Many of these agreements were a success; however, there were many promises made by Stalin that were unfulfilled. For example, free elections in the Soviet Union were never established as Stalin agreed would happen.

The Yalta Conference did succeed in bringing about the United Nations. The United Nations, much like the unsuccessful League of Nations, was meant to uphold international peace and security. It was not a government, but a collection of nations trying to solve international problems and promote diplomacy. The United Nations was to be founded upon the principle of "the sovereign equality of all peace-loving states." Its important actions were to be a General Assembly composed of representatives of all the member states,