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Community A community can be described in many ways and in its purest form can be defined as a group of people living locality, sharing, participating, and having common fellowship in one another. The nature of a community is not only based on those fundamentals, but is more importantly structured around groups of people who have the same common interests. Having the same interests is not only an important part of a community, but. it makes a community work.. Without the common interest a community would be solely based on where you are located geographically rather making others feel like they are part of a group. All three of the text we read address communities in and abstract way than the existing idea of community but in all cases the common interest is the same. Counts, Chavez, and Bellah all have different concepts on what a communities is, how they work and where to find them.

Although their views may vary, they all agree on one thing, which is having the same interests within a community is critical. The three different views if looked at closely will modify if not change the outlook on community and will also create knowledge that many times is overlooked.