Corporate Identity Through IT

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Corporate Identity Through I.T.

By: Tunika Nsingo word count: 1587 Background British Airways plc is the holder of British Airways, the world's largest international passenger airline. Its mainline scheduled route network is one of the world's most extensive airlines that operate an average of over one thousand flights a day. The airline's main bases are London Heathrow Airport, the largest international airport in the world and London Gatwick Airport, which is now the sixth largest. Nevertheless, BA has gone through major transformation over the past few years in which the corporate identity has been modified to fit with the changing environment, as a result the company has altered its shape of its symbol to coincide with the changes that have taken place within the organisation. For instance, it has formed global alliances with Quantas, in the Asian/pacific region; Deutche BA and TAT European Airlines; Canadian Airline international. Also, it has restructured its organisation and services, as well as creating new design within and outside the plane itself to fit with its new corporate image.

Hereto, the corporate image has influenced the identity in which it has modified the typography and colour - but the basic elements such as, the name, the colours and the typeface have still remained the same to this date.

Introduction Corporate identity is not just a logo or a name of a company. Though these are the most visible of its components. Corporate identity is what makes a company special and unique. It expresses the company's approach to business, its values and business culture. It is reflected in everything from the quality of the products and/or services, marketing strategies, communication media, and working environment. Corporate identity ties all the different elements of the business together in a unifying way. Corporate identity enables the company to...