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Contents 1 ? Introduction 2 ? An overview 3 ? The strategic review 4 ? Eliminate non-core activities 5 ? Commitment to international developer 6 ? Culture changes 7 ? Gain strength and value 8 ? Planning elements ? a conclusion 1 - Introduction This report is concerned with Taylor Woodrow Plc. Taylor Woodrow is an international leader in housing, property and value added construction support.

I will try to establish what I believe to have been the key planning elements of Taylor Woodrow based on my interpretation of the annual report. I will ensure that I provide sufficient evidence upon which I have formulated my views.

Wider research will enable me to have more extensive evidence on which I will establish the planning elements.

The New Taylor Woodrow ? The International Developer 2 - An Overview Taylor Woodrow is an international leader with core businesses in housing and property.

In addition they also have a construction and engineering activity.

The organisation is in business to satisfy the needs of their clients. Their long-term success is dependent upon exceeding their expectations. They accomplish this through commitment to excellence and innovation and the delivery at all times of value-added products and services.

Taylor Woodrow is built on the core value of commitment, knowledge and trust: commitment to their customers, employees and shareholders; knowledge of their business and their markets; and trust with their clients, employees and business partners.

In 1999 the group produced pre-tax profits of £125 million. These results justify the actions taken by the management team to position the business to meet market opportunities which the company is now well equipped to exploit. This obvious strength affords them wide flexibility and enables them to take the organisation forward.

3 - The Strategic Review A major strategic review was initiated...