Community Breakdown and Crime

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Governance is concerned with the conduct of conduct. It implies neither the direct control of a monolithic state nor a singular individual acting entirely autonomously. Governance differs from social control in that it allows for a fluid illustration of how power operates not on the individual but through the individual, not as control but as facilitator. Governance works through a variety of institutions and authorities to align the choices of individuals with those of experts. By making choices from those made available by experts individuals end up seeking compliance. ... the expert is someone whose work consists in judging an individual's situation in accordance with reason and hence in the way that that person if acting autonomously, would do her/himself if he/she had the time skills, knowledge and inclination necessary to do so (D'Agostino, 1998: 31). The experts help to write the discourses where we are encouraged to find ourselves.

The subject is `constituted through practices of subjection, or in a more autonomous way, through the practices of liberation, of liberty' (Foucault, 1988: 157). The state plays a role in the cultivation of the individual through the disciplines, regulations and authorities which develop those elements constitutive of individual's lives which also strengthen the state. We live in a neo-liberal age where the concept of enterprise has become all important as a means for transforming ourselves, to work on the project of the self. Neo-liberalism is more than a political programme. It represents a conception of how authorities should use their powers in order to improve national well-being, the ends they should seek, the evils they should avoid, the means they should use and, crucially, the nature of the persons upon whom they should act (Rose, 1990: 145).

Problem AreasSubstance Abuse. Despite recent declines in the prevalence of adolescent substance abuse,