Compact Fluorescent Lighting

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Now Canadians are concerned more then ever about energy-efficient lighting. This has created new technology for new lighting and lamps. Compact fluorescent lamps can directly replace those old incandescent bulbs. They consume one-fifth of the power required to light older incandescent bulbs and lasting up to 13 times longer than incandescent lighting. That's 13,000 hours of lighting. Because of the increasing variety in shape, colour and design, it has been more acceptable than those traditional long-tube fluorescent lamps in office buildings and schools.

Why should we switch over to compact fluorescent lighting? Well, saving energy means saving money and saving energy helps to make sure our population has enough energy to meet its needs. Saving energy reduces the effects that producing electricity may have on wildlife.

The standard incandescent bulbs have changed very little from original light bulb made by Thomas Edison in 1879. Only 10% of the energy used by these standard bulbs produces light; the other 90% produces only heat.

A halogen bulb burns at 1,000 degrees F. These old fashioned bulbs waste energy and can cause burns or firesFluorescent lighting is much more efficient then the rest. It uses bulbs that are long tubes that fit into ceiling fixtures as we see in the school. Fluorescent lighting last longer and use less energy to produce the same amount of light.

Well, compact florescent is a new type of lighting. It is much the same as a fluorescent tube, but it can screw directly into most lamps and ceiling fixtures.

Though the cost of purchasing the compact fluorescent is greater then the incandescent but they can last up to 10 times longer and they use 75 percent less energy. Often they provide cash rebates to reduce the payment. Since the compact fluorescent has an outstanding long life, this...