companies gone bananas

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Companies Gone Bananas

What is bullying? Bullying is when generally a more athletic, confident and advantageous person takes advantage of someone weaker than or perhaps not as confident as they are. In this case Bullying would be more like a well-known company who makes a lot of money day-in day-out attacking someone lower on the economic standings of the world. Big Boys Gone Bananas and Girl Model represent the theory of the well-known term, bullying, throughout their different documentaries. In both films each company bullies their victims through fear, career threats and manipulation. These three paths which the companies take in their respective documentaries can identify specifically, how they take advantage of and bully their victims.

Bullies in school often beat up their victims in order to instill fear into them, relating to this observation this is exactly what Dole attempts to accomplish except on a more civilized, economic/business type of stage where there are justice abiding rules.

How, in Big Boys Gone Bananas the company Dole files for a lawsuit against film maker Frederik Gertten for creating and displaying a supposedly fraudulent film regarding the way that Dole harvests their bananas. "Dole is suing a Swedish filmmaker for wanting to show a fraudulent documentary, slamming the company". By suing the Swedish film maker Dole believes they can strike fear into Frederik Gertten so that he may hopefully shut down his revealing documentary so that the public may not see the dangerous methods they are using in order to produce their bananas. However, not only is Dole trying to strike fear into their opponent but they are also trying to supress fear in which they have for the outcome of their company. In other words Dole are the one who are already in fear because they know if Frederik Gerttens...