Comparative Essay on the use of media two directors make of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with paricular reference to Act I Scene I: The fight Scene and Act II Scene II: The Balcony scene

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Compare and contrast the distinctive use of media two directors make of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with particular reference to Act I Scene I: The Fight Scene and Act II Scene II: The Balcony Scene

In this piece of coursework I will be looking at the different interpretations of two directors on Romeo and Juliet. The interpretations of Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Lurhamn are very different and contrasting. Nearly 30 years apart we can see that the directors have been influenced by their times and it is reflected in their films.

Zeffirelli focuses mainly on the childhood aspects. He presents characters as childish and immature right from the beginning of his film. He focuses on this theme throughout the film and especially concerning Romeo and Juliet's 'love'. Zeffireli suggests that the love is not real and that they have not thought about it. He focuses on them constantly being all over each other and suggests that their love for each other will not last long at all.

Right from the start of the film we see the childhood presented when Sampson and Gregory come on stage. They are servants to Capulet and we see them mocking the Montagues continuously. One of them is tripped over, Zefirelli presents them as children who are just messing around, name calling and generally being extremely childish. When Tybalt and Benvolio come on to the stage we feel the tension straight away, Tyblalt is shown as a young man who is always looking for a fight. Immediately we can see that Tybalt hates the Montagues, and especially Benvolio. As the tension builds up the fight breaks out and everything has become chaotic. The fight scene is set in a busy marketplace, a lot of objects are damaged and people are injured.

In the...