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Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story" have many similarities, such as both Romeo and Bernardo got into a fight with their worst enemies. In both fights they turned out to be the ones who survived. In both plays, they have different characters play the roles. Such as Bernardo being Maria's brother and Tybolt being Juliet's cousin. Maria and Juliet's family dislike Romeo and Toni, because Romeo is a Montague and Toni is part of the Jets.

"Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story" have many differences, such as "Romeo and Juliet" took place in Italy. "West Side Story" took place in Manhattan. Another difference was that Juliet doesn't have a brother but she has a cousin named Tybolt. Maria has a brother named Bernardo. In "Romeo and Juliet" they have famous quotes. Juliet is Italian and Maria is Hispanic, she is from Puerto Rico.

Maria moved to Manhattan from Puerto Rico. Romeo died first and then Juliet died but in "West Side Story" Toni died but Maria didn't. They both had sad endings.

I thought that "Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story" were interesting because they have a lot of things in common and they have many differences. Also because the ending was very emotional.