Compare and Contrast Spider man and Xena

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Super heroes have many things in common, to protect and serve is one of their many favorite lines. Although both characters involve imaginary worlds and the fear of evil threat, they differ from principles and morals.

Both characters are living in periodic fantasy times dealing with the everyday scandals of evil threats. Spiderman dwells among the hard streets of the Bronx as where Xena seems to find trouble in the past renaissance period of time. On an everyday basis crime threatens the streets of the Bronx, that's where you'll find Spiderman. He'll often catch criminals from robbing local supermarkets, banks, and even catch them robbing an unarmed sixty years old lady. Unlike Xena, she'll prefer getting her hands and feet covered in mud and wrestling with ten foot alligators. Xena will usually face your ordinary dragons, monsters, and oversized mutant humans. Xena unlike the enemies of Spiderman deals with more ferocious beasts.

Later on after the snagging of the criminals, Spiderman will usually leave their fate into the hands of the police, as where Xena will take justice into her own. Spiderman has principles; he will not justify the death of a criminal. He is one unfortunate person who had lost a relative and there for knows the emotion ones family goes through when a family member passes on and that's why his services are insisted upon so no other family will ever have to feel separated from a loved one again. Xena on the other hand has no remorse for no one. Times back then were every man for himself. Xena takes that expression and turns it to reality, because that's the only way she knows how to survive. She has no family to look upon there for sees no reason why to spare a life rather...