Compare and contrast the use of melody and tonality in the Haydn 'joke' quartet and Corelli Sonata

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Compare and contrast the melody and tonality in the Corelli and the Haydn.

There are many similarities and differences in the Sonata by Corelli and the String Quartet by Haydn in regards to melody and Tonality. However there are mostly differences when discussing melody. Both the Haydn and the Corelli have a tonal melody with the Corelli centred on D major and the Haydn E flat major. The melodies in both pieces feature mostly conjunct movement. The Corelli features rising and falling sequences in the melody. For example in the opening motif in the first two bars. This melody is then inverted in bar 5 providing more variety within the piece. The Corelli is based on two main motifs. The first motif is presented in the opening two bars and the inverted version of this motif seen from bar 20 is the second subject. There is also canonic use of the melody in the opening of the piece.

We see the first violin begin the piece with the two bar motif which is then followed by the second violin playing the same motif down the interval of a perfect fifth. Finally the continuo made up of celli and organ enters with the motif in the original pitch however this is rhythmically displaced as they enter on the second beat of the sixth bar. The melodic range spans one octave giving the piece a narrow melodic range. The individual parts overlap in the Corelli; we see this in bar twenty-eight where the second violin overlaps the first violin. Suspensions are featured in the violin parts in bar 18 too add variety to the melody line and emphasise the upcoming perfect cadence. The Haydn is monothematic where only one main motif is used unlike the Haydn. This is a two...