Comparing life story of myself and Ruth being a pastor's kid.

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I hate being a pastor's kid, or at least that is what I used to say. Being a pastor's kid is not a desirable appointment in life. It is not without it benefits in that one can stay abreast of biblical discoveries and theological trends more than the average Joe, however, a part from that it is an unfortunate path. In the autobiography " The Color of Water" by James McBride, talks about his mother Ruth, who was a daughter of a Jewish preacher and a rabbi, struggles with her strict, religious, and self-dominant father who was as hard as a rock. I, as a pastor's daughter, had similar experiences as Ruth struggling with the status of being a preacher's daughter, but I also had many good things that influenced my life to really experience and truly know God.

I was strictly nominal throughout my youth at my dad's church.

I have always been known as a "PK"(Pastor's kid). When I think about this label, a lot of struggles and blessing come to mind. I have grown up in a great and loving family, unlike Ruth's family, where she didn't receive love throughout her childhood. But I was loved. I was also lucky enough to be able to say that my parents love the Lord. However because of who my dad was, I remember the frustration of not being introduced as Helen Kim, but rather as Pastor Kim's daughter. I struggled incredibly with who I was. And the frustration of overloaded expectations that gave me a severe pressure. People expected me to be a perfect little Christian girl, when I wanted to be normal around people and my piers. In the book "The color of Water", Ruth also went through the similar experiences. Her dad, a...