Comparison between two romantic writers. "You touched me" by D. H. Lawrence and "The use and abuse of history "by Friedrich Nietzsche. Compares topics such as happiness and life

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In this paper, I won't stick to only one topic. I will compare different topics, such as happiness and life between two romantic writers, D. H. Lawrence and Friedrich Nietzsche from D. H. Lawrence's You touched me and Friedrich Nietzche's The use and abuse of history taken from The twilight of the Idols. I will start talking about life and happiness by giving my own little definition of each of these two terms.


Life: one word, many meanings. Life: one word, one precious thing.

We see life in a total different way by the two writers. Life, in D. H. Lawrence's You touched me, is one, short and precious thing. We see life through the eyes of a dying father and his two daughters, who loves their father a lot and an adopted son enrolled in the army. The father continuously fights his disease, battling to stay alive.

We see life as a fragile, vulnerable thing. It can also vanish unexpectedly. What I mean by 'life can also vanish unexpectedly' is that you never know when something terrible could happen to you and see it taken away.

Friedrich Nietzshe explains us a lot more his perception of life. Unfortunately, I didn't understand most of the things he meant, but I will explain what I think I understood. Nietzshe describes life with the help of a man and a beast. The beast always forgets what he wants to say and what he said. This behaviour is also called forgetfulness. He (Nietzshe) claims that [life in any true sense is absolutely impossible without forgetfulness]. He also says something about death. [And when death brings at last the desired forgetfulness, it abolishes life and being together, and sets the seal on the knowledge that 'being' is merely a continual 'has...