Comparison of "Romeo and Juliet" Movies.

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Both of the two Romeo and Juliet movies have their own perspectives based on the director of the movie. Luhramnn's version of the movie, which debuted in 1996, was based more in the present time and Zeferelli's version, which debuted in 1968, was based in the late 1800's. My favorite movie was Zeferelli's movie. His movie made more since and seemed more realistic to me.

In Zeferelli's movie the Montague's wore dark and somber clothes which were navy blue and the Capulet's wore lighter, brighter, comical and more colorful colors. The weapons used in this movie were daggers, swords, and knives. Romeo sees Juliet first at Capulet's party when she is dancing between two men and then she slightly notices Romeo. When Romeo and Juliet kiss they are behind a curtain with candles. Romeo proposes to Juliet while on her balcony at the Capulet's house.

In Luhramnn's movie the Montague's had buzz cuts and pink hair and wore tattoos and colorful clothing.

The Capulet's wore vests and tattoos and had mainly dark clothes. Everyone had guns and pocket knives which they used when fighting. When Romeo is going to the bathroom he sees Juliet through the fish tank. Romeo and Juliet kiss while in the elevator at Capulet's party. Romeo proposes to Juliet drenched in a swimming pool.

Both of these movies went a little off track from the book. Neither of these movies shows Romeo and Tybalt fighting. The Zeferelli's movie does show Tybalt dead but you don't know how he died. Another difference from is that in the book when Romeo first meets Juliet they say about 50 words. In the movies they hardly talk at all. They just kiss and then Juliet is called for and has to leave.

In Conclusion, Zeferelli's...