Comparison of Sylvia Plath and Ethridge Knight

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Poet Comparison

After reading through all three of the poets work, I think that Sylvia Plath and Ethridge Knight are the two favorable poets. Both Ethridge knight and Sylvia Plath both maintain a considerably serious mood and some of Sylvia Plath work contains bitterness and hatred I think. Ethridge Knight seems to have more of a disconnected sense of anger in his work. Ex "A faggot in steel boots" I think the shows him lashing out toward the military for the death of his friend in Poems for Black Relocation Centers. It does not seem like fury but, more like a burning hatred inside him. While their work contains some resemblances, they seem to be more opposite than alike. Ethridge Knights poetry is what I would call modern poetry and his work seems to be based more on real life events. His work is also mainly free base with no real rhyme scene or set number of lines and words.

I also didn't notice very much symbolism or imagery in his work. Sylvia Plath seems to be more along the lines of what I would call conventional poetry. While sometimes there was not a set rhyme scheme it seemed to flow smoothly and have competent word choice and she used more imagery the Ethridge Knight. Ex "Ignited by carbon monoxide eyes" I think this is really graphic imagery for a very powerful dark stare. After hearing that Sylvia Plath killed herself I can see some of the torment and anguish she probably had inside. While they both have the similarities and differences, they both are outstanding poets in my eyes who both contributed profoundly to this world.