The Complete and Unabriged History of Flint, Michigan

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The History of Flint

The history of Flint is perhaps as long and complex as the federal bureaucracy. OK, maybe not. The first white man to visit Flint was the famous fur trader Jacob Smith. He was the first to settle in the area and established his lucrative trade here. His trading post was the cornerstone of the city, that is until it was torn down to make room for a parking ramp.

The social life of this time was not great. In fact, the husky, rugged guy to girl ratio was about 10-1. This does not include the women who could have been men. These numbers are not good in anyone's book. Then, out of the utter despair came a beacon of hope...the first tavern in the Flint area was established. Contrary to popular belief this oasis in the desert was not Paddy McGee's, but Todd's Tavern, founded in 1830's.

Although the settlers still had no women, at least they now had a place to go where everyone knew their name.

Things ran pretty smoothly, but the city didn't boom until the entrepreneur William

Durant came to town and established Flint as the vehicle city, with his production of

carriages. 'Carriage town' as the area was termed still stands today. It is one of few

remaining historic areas left in the city. The others being Todd's Tavern. Oops, that was

done away with when women came to town. But we still have 'the hole' where the first sit

down strike in the nation occurred...Oh, wait, they just tore that down didn't they? Well at

least there' s still AutoWorld...I forgot, that's going down, too, isn't it? Thanks to the Irish

folk we still have one historic place left...Italia Gardens. (Just Kidding).


Around this time William Durant began to...