Computer Engineers.

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Job Description:

Computer engineers develop the internal parts of computers. An example of an engineer is an employee of computer giant Intel, who helps design and develop the processor chip in the computers we use in our everyday lives. They also design and develop graphics card accelerators (which allow computer monitors to display high-quality graphics quickly), and motherboards (which act as the communication interface between the CPU, memory chips and peripherals). They also develop the disk drives, hard drives, computer monitors and memory components (ex. RAM [Random Access Memory]).

Software engineering has become more popular in this wide and popular field because computer engineers understand the internal workings of a computer's hardware; they are usually the best people to develop the most efficient operating systems. Software engineers develop operating systems (ex. Windows, Linux and UNIX) at the most basic level of work.

Computer engineers also develop utility software.

These pieces of software allow you to perform general and simple tasks such as calculating equations and word processing, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Their job is to; basically, make computers smarter, faster and more reliable by designing testing, designing, programming and marinating computers.

Positive Characteristics.

There is an incredible amount of pressure on computer engineers to finish their products as quickly as possible since the computer industry is extremely competitive. When a computer engineer is designing a piece of hardware or software, it's more likely than not that a rival company is also developing a similar product. The difference between success and failure can be in the timing of when your product reaches the market. I find this to be a positive characteristic because I am a procrastinator and I, personally, work best in these conditions.

Computer engineers are likely to be rational, careful and creative people. They are...