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The human need for current information and knowledge continues to grow as each year passes, and is presently as high as it has ever been. At the center of this basic need is the Internet, ?a system of linked computer networks, worldwide in scope, that facilitate the transfer of data? (Hackbrath 192), and the World Wide Web, ?a system of Internet servers that support specially formatted documents containing text, graphic, audio, video, and other types of files? (Hackbrath 192). The Internet and the Web have already changed the way modern society lives and functions, and will continue to do so as they evolve further. Of all the institutions that make up modern society, it is perhaps the field of education that stands to change the greatest because of the Internet (Churchman 39). It is already evident that the introduction of the Internet and the World Wide Web into the classroom dramatically alters the traditional methods of teaching, instruction, and learning (Draves 7).

While some educators view the Internet as a valuable and necessary technological tool, others see it as a potential threat that has no place in today?s classrooms (Relan and Gillani 45). This paper will discuss why this debate is important, outline, analyze, and evaluate both sides of the issue, and finally, defend one side of the issue against the other with reference to current and accurate information.

The issue of the Internet and the World Wide Web in the modern classroom is one of great concern for students and instructors of all kinds. One way to examine just how important this issue is to education in general is to imagine all the possibilities, both positive and negative, that open up to a classroom that has integrated the Internet and the World Wide Web into its structure. (example:...