Comquering Of The Americas

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From the early days of European colonization many people know that Columbus was the first European sailor to reach the Americas. That is taught in grade school, the epic voyage of the three ships crossing the ocean to reach new land. Before Columbus made the so-called monumental trip it is widely read of his troubles acquiring funds to fuel his voyage to a new land. From country to country he went begging for men and supplies to reach the new land, but one after the other they did not honor his request. But not until he reached Spain was his wishes granted. And upon those wish came a time of slaughter and horror comparable only to the modern day Jewish Holocaust.

Out of that horror comes Bartolome De Las Casas A Short Account of The Destruction of The Indies. this book he describes, in vivid accounts, the events that occur and slaughters of nations.

This book is the second of two that Bartolome De las Casas wrote, both to the Emperor of Spain, Lord Prince Philip. The book, in itself, is a pleading to the Emperor for the tragedy to stop. For the royal family to put an end to the killing and to make them aware of the travesty occurring in the Americas. The purpose of the two books was to warn the Emperor that his people we no longer people. That due to their greed, lust, and ambition they had ceased being men in any sense of what it is to be a man but were rather now just a shell showcasing their wicked deeds, so utterly debauched and given over to the dark side (see star wars) that they could not be satisfied with there past conquests, were the learned the art of massacre. And for...