Concepts of Computer devices

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Concepts of Computer devices, storage and speedHardware consist of all the tangible elements of a computer system, the input devices, the machines that store and process data and perform the required calculations, and the output devices that present the results to information users. Understanding the computer system will help with understanding the needs of the organization. Providing the appropriate input and output devices and selecting the correct form of storage is extremely important for organizations today. The purpose of this paper is to explain what methods regarding data input and output would be best for each situation provided and explain why; explain what situations are appropriate for different storage devices and explain why; and explain the role of various items in determining the speed of a computer.

Input devicesInput devices allow users to enter data and commands for processing, storage, and output. "Input devices are hardware components that allow the end user to communicate to the computer" (Stair and Reynolds, 2006).

Data input can be done manually or it can be done by an automated process. The accuracy of data gathering and capturing raw data is important. Common input devices are the keyboard, mouse, scanner, modem, microphone, camera, video, pen, pad, and touch screen. Methods of input that would be best for each of the following situations and an explanation of why:Printed questionnairesThe method of input that would be best for printed questionnaires would be a done manually. Therefore, the best input device would be a pen. The reason a pen is the chosen input device is that the document is already printed so this is the only method of completing the questionnaire.

Telephone surveyThe method of input that would be best for a telephone survey would be recorder (voice). The reason for this choice would be if the individual...