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Tony could almost taste the heavenly iced cake, sitting high on its display shelf. The sweet aromas that poured out from all corners of the bakery filled the air, and overwhelmed his senses. He fantasized that he was not such as poor boy as he was, but a rich, royal and respected man, who could buy out the whole bakery if he wished. Tony was only brought back to reality when the baker came out from behind the stand, and made rude gestures for him to leave.

As he started to skulk away miserably, he saw a tall official looking businessman walk into the bakery, followed by the most darling girl he ever saw. A young white girl aged around 15 to 17, with golden, luscious curls, sweet cherry lips, yellow cow-slip cheeks, and the most crystal deep blue eyes he had ever seen. Just like his previous fantasy, he knew that there wasn't the slightest chance of it coming true- he could never be with someone so beautiful.

It wasn't because he was an ugly person- he was quite a handsome boy-, but he knew that there had never been such a thing as a Chinese/English marriage. He was just a poor miner' son, while this girl was the daughter of an important looking white man.

Just as he turned to leave, pondering sadly about his depressing life, he saw the girl smile shyly towards him. It may have been the smallest movement of her lips, but this sign instantly brought joy to his heart. It filled him with hope, and happiness. Tony turned to her and smiled back, but not without attracting the attention of her father, who until then had been talking keenly to the baker.

"Nichole, get away from that filthy Asian boy! Those people are...